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Client engagement begins the moment we walk in the door. We bring the right people who have a passion for serving clients. We do not place recent college grads at client sites for “on the job training.” Instead, our consultants have a history of successful project implementation and a breadth of experience as well as technical excellence.


Our employees bring a fresh perspective that is unbiased, experienced and dedicated. We are good communicators and we listen to our clients’ needs. Professionalism means more than dressing the part, which is why ENERPROGROUP embodies professionalism by being friendly (because we are), blending in with the client team, always meeting deadlines and living up to and exceeding client expectations. Clients can rest assured that we will adapt quickly, working independently or as a team, and begin immediately adding value to any project.


Clients find our project teams are appropriately sized. We don’t staff an army of resources to boost our bottom line. Instead, we place only the people needed to get the job done and who have the expertise to successfully complete a project.



We are not a typical consulting firm where it feels like the firm is more focused on selling the next project than delivering on the current one. Naturally, we want to do more work with our clients, but we earn it.


Our clients quickly find they’re not just hiring our consultants; they’re hiring ENERPROGROUP. Our collective set of skills and experiences are at the client’s disposal. We have dedicated communication channels across our entire company to ensure we’re delivering innovative and appropriate solutions every time.


Our approach to program and/or project stewardship and fiscal accountability focuses on doing more with less. Our consultants and engineers guard and conserve client's project resources as if they were their own because it makes good business sense at all times; not just during lean times.


We don’t bring a cookie cutter, rigid methodology. Like a master chef, we enhance the traditional recipe by blending technical experience, project leadership and management innovation. Our commitment to delivery excellence ensures that each project is customized and unique based upon client need, industry and desired outcome.


We strive to make contracting as painless as possible. Our master service agreement is multifaceted and fair. Our statement of work and cost-time-resources (CTR) are clear and easy to read. Our flexibility allows us to quickly resolve issues that are important to each client. And most importantly, clients see value in our services given our competitive rate structure.


We value getting to know each person and company. We realize there is a choice when choosing a consulting partner, which is why our approach is to do the right thing and foster healthy, long-term relationships. We don’t oversell or overpromise and our style is low pressure and collaborative. We want to partner in finding a solution; these solutions become our business. Our interactions are transparent and honest from the very beginning.


We strongly believe in building balanced relationships – we bring ideas and perspective, but we won’t insist that we are right. We want to be your trusted advisor and partner, not a dictator. Listening and communicating openly with consideration, loyalty and honesty allows us to have long-term relationships with our colleagues, clients and partners.

We believe that appreciating the journey is equally as important as enjoying the destination. We believe our clients are entitled to an unmatched energy engineering and strategic advisory experience. When working with us, we want everyone to feel empowered to succeed, trust in our abilities and be excited to work with us. The experience does not end with the life of a project. We pride ourselves on maintaining client relationships that enable us to be trusted advisors for years to come.

Read below to learn more about how we value each client relationship and what to expect when working with ENERPROGROUP.


Per clients-driven processes, we do offer performance-based pricing. Clients only pay when all project expectations have been met or exceeded. In the end, we make sure every one of our clients feels the value we promise to deliver.


We never fail to do what it takes to ensure satisfaction. Our clients provide willing references, prepared to speak about our quality of work, breadth of skills, depth of resources and ability to deliver value every time. Our clients bring us challenges, and we draw upon the power of every consultant’s contribution to make each project a success.

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