ENERPROGROUP combines the expertise of global EOR leaders, encompassing all EOR technologies from water to steam to chemical injections.
Our EOR mission is to bring the latest EOR innovations to reservoirs around the world to increase recovery factor in the most efficient manner.



  • Once an oilfield is depleted and waterflooding has reached its limit, other innovative solutions (i.e.: Chemical EOR) needs to be considered to increase recovery further.

  • Chemical EOR (i.e.: surfactant or polymer surfactant or alkaline surfactant polymer) may be the remedial mitigation to the oilfield dilemma.


  • Polymer may help improve sweep efficiency and accelerate production compared to waterflood, even in a high water-cut context.


  • Surfactant flooding is used to reduce interfacial tension (IFT) between oil and water and thus allows to reduce residual oil saturation.


  • ENERPROGROUP is true catalyst for the C-EOR implementation (also known as "The One Team"), has developed bespoke solutions (of custom chemical cocktails) to deal with harsh reservoir conditions such as high temperature, high salinity and high hardness.



Each of The Strategic Alliance Partners are the current global leaders in their respective domains (both proven technical and global commercial experiences).

For our projects, we lead an integrated "One Team" consisting of a number of highly qualified, versatile, and experienced experts and professionals that represent a diverse set of disciplines: reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, reservoir characterization, C-EOR technology specialists, development geology and geophysics, exploration geology and geophysics, and petrophysics.


We also have experts in petroleum economics and integrated reservoir project management and planning, including reservoir, production, drilling, and surface facility engineering support.


The One Team is one of the largest integrated groups of world-class experts dedicated to C-EOR implementation worldwide.

  • ENERPROGROUP's top reservoir engineers and EOR specialists with worldwide practical experiences and extensive expertise in Pilot and Full-Field Implementation of advanced EOR methods and technologies;

  • Partnered to provide a state-of-the-art EOR laboratory, global simulation capabilities;


  • More robust chemicals' solutions and better risk control;

  • Step-Change in oil production and recovery;

  • Proven and cost-effective C-EOR Technologies (High Purity + High Powered + Low Cost);

  • Rapid deployments at Scale and Economies of Speed;

  • Faster and more effective development (included custom chemical cocktails' formulation, i.e.: chemical synthesis and molecular blending).

  • Integrated Reservoir Simulation and Management Studies – Indonesia, USA, UK, Norway – Sector models, full field simulation model, streamline modelling, waterflood/Steamflood, field development plans, production enhancement activities and integrated reservoir management workflows.

  • Investigating complex geology with near vertical producing zone – Indonesia, UK, USA, Norway.

  • Identifying EOR potentials – Indonesia, USA, Norway, UK.

  • Chemical EOR project study and implementation (Polymer; and Alkaline Surfactant Polymer) – USA, UK.

  • Chemical Formulation for Surface Facility Treatment (Wax; Paraffin, etc.) – Oman, Indonesia.


  • Unconventional (Oil Shale) EOR Pilot Project – USA.


  • Steam Injection Field Development Plan – Indonesia.

  • Supply study supports for infrastructure acquisition  Indonesia, USA, UK, Canada.

  • Provided valuable forecast for optimizing field – USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Norway.

  • Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Management – USA, Indonesia.

  • Reservoir and Gathering System Field Development Studies – Indonesia, USA, UK, Norway, Oman.

  • EOR Screening Studies – Indonesia, UK, USA, Norway, Oman.

  • Gas Condensate Reservoir Study – Norway.


  • Forecast and (Debt and) Equity Calculation Analyses (for Merger & Acquisitions) – USA, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, UK, Norway.


  • Field Performance Analysis and Surface Network Modelling – USA, UK, Norway.


  • Geological and Geophysical Evaluations – Indonesia, USA, UK, Norway.


  • Resource and Technical Assessment (for Merger & Acquisitions) – Indonesia, USA, Angola, Canada, UK.


  • Depletion and Drilling Strategy Assessment – USA, UK, Norway, Indonesia​​.



Pre-Feasibility Study | Feasibility Study | EOR Laboratory Test & Validation | Oil & Gas Fields' Operational Risk Mitigation 

| EOR Screening | Project Design | Pilot Execution | Full-Field Implementation | Chemical EOR Solution's Supply and Distribution 

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ENERPROGROUP independently assesses the value-accretive of a portfolio of oil & gas assets and analyzes the current production performance and recommends executable action plans to optimize results.

  • Review any 3rd party engineering reports. Confirm technical support for all proven reserves. Check support for acreage, reservoir thickness, porosity, water saturation, and pressures;

  • Validate full presentation of oil & gas acreages, identify high value wells, and wells with insufficient support data, then meet with technical team to resolve;

  • Generate risk assessment for recoverable prospects/reserves and apply these risk factors to create a risked reserve value for all non-producing and undeveloped acreages;

  • Use identified risk values to identify the high value opportunities, and to downgrade those below key threshold ratios;

  • Build full re-completion and drilling schedule to capture all of the high value non-producing and undeveloped acreages, and define the Investment necessary to complete the program;

  • Review and validate field operations to pinpoint areas of actionable improvements to minimize downtime, reduce lease OpEx, optimize field level efficiency, and maximize value;

  • Generate full written report including complete well database, along with the proposed field re-completion and drilling schedule of field operations over the next several years to augment the value creation of the entire oil & gas portfolio.