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M&A; EOR/IOR/Reservoir Mgmt.



As a trusted merger and acquisition (M&A) advisor to a number of energy companies, ENERPROGROUP has been collaborating with diversed clients to discover and deliver oil and gas growth opportunities through meticulous valuation and due diligence; market studies; supply-demand analysis; foreign investment optimization/ license round strategy; corporate acquisition targeting and divestment; and risk management.


The key to successful M&A is a repeatable model; one that companies can return to over and over again to bolt on substantial shareholder value creation.


An M&A Lifecycle includes five stages:

  • M&A Strategy

  • Screening and Deal Thesis

  • Due Diligence and Valuation

  • Transaction Execution

  • Integration


We also apply our deep expertise to guide companies and management teams that are deciding where to grow and shed through JV and alliances or divestitures. Alliances and JVs serve many purposes, including filling gaps in capabilities or facilitating new market entry.


As for the EOR/IOR, oilfield surfactant, and Integrated Reservoir Management, ENERPROGROUP serves our client with end-to-end EOR/IOR consultancy.


Our services include portfolio and field screening, generation of business-cases, pilot or full-field development, assurance reviews, laboratory services and facilities design, construction, sale or lease.


We work with our clients to allow them to make the best financial investment decision.


At each step of the way, ENERPROGROUP will provide business analyses to determine the amount of incremental production, field ultimate recovery and value associated with that.


The advantage of ENERPROGROUP is that the client gets seasoned experts providing an independent assessment.


ENERPROGROUP’s pragmatic approach delivers fast screening, thorough scoping and high quality recommendations.


Oil & Energy Project Development 



ENERPROGROUP has been a valued partner of choice in executing a Energy and/or Industrial projects, representing parties on each side of the typical project finance structure, including power/smelting plants developers/vendors, lenders and other providers of credit support, and end users/industrial customers.


As developer counsel, we have been assisting our clients in the negotiation of power purchase agreements (PPA), gas sales agreements (GSA), fuel purchase and transportation agreements, and EPC construction contracts, equipment procurement contracts, operations and maintenance contracts, provincial-level and national regulatory approvals, environmental permitting, water development arrangements and site acquisition.


Together with our alliance, we have extensive experience in advising and assisting clients with the myriad tasks associated with the development and construction of major energy infrastructure projects, including electric generation and smelters facilities and major natural gas transmission and liquefied natural gas storage facilities. In addition, we have been involved representing project sponsors/ owners and independent power producers (IPPs) in structuring and negotiating a number of purchases and sales of individual energy projects, portfolios of energy projects and interests in energy projects as well as structuring and negotiating energy joint ventures.


Our consultants, engineers, legal counsels have substantial experience advising participants in green power projects, including solar, wind farms, biomass and biodiesel, ethanol projects, geothermal energy facilities, and landfill gas projects.


The ENERPROGROUP is an independent oil & energy engineering and technology specialist focusing on strategic advisory (M&As and C-EOR), development engineering services and project management to the global oil & energy industry. We are dedicated to the growth of clients' organizations through the deliveries of our deep capabilities - BUILD. GROW. CHANGE., our clients will achieve short- and long-term shareholder growth goals. 


What all of our engagements share, though, is our focus on leaving a legacy of smarter strategies, economics of speed (as opposed to economics of scale), greater capabilities and increased value. Do explore the following examples of our past projects and deliverables. We take full pride in our work and if requested, shall provide you with professional references aptly. For our current engagements where we have mutually-executed Non-Disclosure Agreements (given the commercial sensitivity of our extant consulting and project deliverables), ENERPROGROUP has a policy not to disclose clients nor dialogue about the scope of work unless knowledge of our participation has been previously broadcasted by the clients or already in the public domain. Collectively for all our prior deliveries on the Integrated Reservoir Management, IOR and EOR projects worldwide, please click on the button Services-EOR above. Further please contact us directly so that we can furnish you with an updated list of our experience, competencies, capabilities and all project deliveries. 



Business Consulting (S&Ts)



Our business consulting (in Strategy and Transformations - S&Ts) capabilities are based on management disciplines that design and deliver a proven set of methods and tools for strategizing and measuring operations and transformative change initiatives.


Our seasoned consultants, big data scientist, quantitative finance analyst, energy economists, and petroleum engineers perform holistic analyses of organizations at the organization and individual levels and determine actions required to deliver and sustain management change initiatives.

We deploy high-impact strategies and tactics to improve all aspects of business performance.

More than ever, companies are facing significant pressures to innovate, stay ahead of the competition and operate at high levels of performance. Customer, shareholder, employee and regulatory expectations continue to increase and evolve at an ever-increasing pace.

ENERPROGROUP works closely with clients to provide thoughtful insights into key business challenges, develop strategies and tactics to address each and chart roadmaps to enable and deploy change.

We offer a full complement of services that address top-of-mind issues that businesses face today. Our services include helping our clients enhance customer experiences, enable and sustain change, improve operational performance and transform and grow business.

Learn more about how ENERPROGROUP can evolve and improve your business below.  

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