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Oil & Energy and Industrial project development is a complex process that requires adept orchestration between widely differing skill sets. ENERPROGROUP's energy engineering professionals have the expertise to bring together all components required to successfully complete every phase of your energy infrastructure through a single group. This group is comprised of professionals with individual expertise to provide development support services for civil, site survey, geotechnical, environmental, electrical planning, electrical interconnection applications and agreements, electrical detailed design, and project site support.

ENERPROGROUP's Energy & Industrial Project Development Group offers clients unrivalled quality in connection with the development (and in some cases, financing) of natural resources, energy and infrastructure projects. Unlike other companies working on a high volume of routine projects, at any one time, ENERPROGROUP is highly focused on a number of the projects either in North America, Arab States of Persian Gulf and Southeast Asia.


We are powered by decades of entrepreneurial experience and unparalleled execution. At ENERPROGROUP, our entrepreneurial spirit permeates our culture throughout. 

DEVELOPMENT: Bringing transformational energy projects to life requires bold vision and first class execution. With a full suite of in-house development capabilities backed by deep expertise, we take projects from the drawing board to reality. We take a unique approach to project siting, land acquisition and permitting in close collaboration with our host communities, and we foster strong relationships with equipment manufacturers to deliver the best technology and value to customers.

SPONSOR/BORROWER PARTNER OF CHOICE: In contrast to other companies, ENERPROGROUP handles a majority of its project finance work for borrowers and sponsors. The company prides itself on managing transactions proactively for its sponsor/borrower clients. Because most of ENERPROGROUP's project financings involve multiple sponsors, ENERPROGROUP understands the importance of addressing the separate commercial concerns and economic objectives of each sponsor within the consortium. The consequence: ENERPROGROUP has the leading niche of sponsor/borrower practice.

DEEP KNOWLEDGE OF MULTIPLE FINANCING SOURCES: The company deftly coordinates multiple financing sources, including commercial banks, export credit agencies and project bonds.
ENERPROGROUP possesses up-to-the-minute knowledge regarding the approach and requirements of each potential lending source—market insight that proves invaluable to any project.

ENERPROGROUP supports businesses throughout the energy project development lifecycle:

1. Site Prospecting and Development:

  • Project feasibility

  • Project economics, and energy market analysis

  • Site pre-selection

  • Regulatory, legislative, local permitting, and environmental compliance

  • Hazard analysis


2. Technology Selection and Procurement:

  • Selecting contractors, technology specialists, and structuring project execution

  • Managing engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracting

  • Contractor Management

3. Risk Mitigation and Management:

  • Project execution planning

  • Integrated project management

  • Construction monitoring


4. Operations and Maintenance (O&M):

  • Operations and maintenance benchmarking

  • Commissioning support



  • Developed and executed various oil & energy projects with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) in:

    • O&M Regas​sification Facilities at KIPIC;

    • Supply of drilling and production chemicals, solvents and additives;

    • O&M Petrochemical Facilities at KNPC;

    • EPC deliveries of Petrochemical Onshore and Marine Offshore at KNPC;

    • EPC delivery of Multi-Tower Facilities at Moubarak Al-Kabeer Complex;

    • Soil Remediation at North KOC facilities;

    • EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) Feasibility Studies at KOC mature oilfields;

    • Jurassic Production Facility (JPF-4 and JPF-05) and Integrated Offshore/Onshore Pipelines at KOC;

  • Worked with developers of and executed photovoltaic solar projects in the Western Seaboard of North America.

  • Part of core project team to represent North American developers in development and financing of a number of coal and gas-fired cogeneration and independent power projects.

  • Part of project team to represent utility affiliate co-developer of combined cycle (CCGT) natural gas fired facility in Alberta, Canada; negotiation of joint venture, power sales agreements, site and water supply agreements, and pipeline interconnections.

  • Part of a project team to represent national retail chain in negotiation and implementation of multi-state electricity and natural gas purchase agreements with general deregulated suppliers. 

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