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At ENERPROGROUP, our mission is to develop, deploy and connect human capital through competency-based Petrotechnical, Functional, and Software Training and Professional Development Services for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Develop focuses on finding assignments people need to grow and to build the relationships needed to succeed and on providing them with the capabilities (tools, resources, and learning) to achieve personal, professional and business goals.

Deploy focuses on providing employees with the experiences that will enable them to perform at the best of their abilities and to reach their full potential.

Connect focuses on the networks people form to do their jobs and on the quality of their interactions with each other.


At ENERPROGROUP, we are welcomed to present our oil and gas training courses at your company’s facilities - both domestically and internationally. You should consider us for your tailored petrotechnical training programs because:

• IT’S A STRATEGIC INVESTMENT – The cost to educate your employees about the oil and gas industry is probably just a few days pay yet can help their performance and decision-making over their entire careers!

• WE’RE FLEXIBLE – We have courses for every skill level and can easily customize our programs to place more emphasis on topics relevant to any particular operation or location.

• WE’RE UNIQUE – We think we have the most-comprehensive, up-to-date, interactive and visually stimulating overview programs available by far, and we are the only program that has produced a comprehensive rig-floor video to show step by step how an oil and gas well is drilled. We offer free demos and consultations to show what makes us different.

• WE’RE COST EFFECTIVE – Our instructors can competently conduct a full overview course on their own. Because of this, we can travel inexpensively to your various company locations and can economically conduct in-house programs for groups as small as 12.

• WE'LL GO ALMOST ANYWHERE – Some of our clients use us to fulfill their local staff training requirements under production sharing contracts. Our courses are ideal for that purpose because knowledge of the industry is useful for any local employee.

• YOUR EMPLOYEES WILL APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORTS – Employees respond enthusiastically to our in-class, petrotechnical training courses and will appreciate the opportunity to learn more about their workplace!

ENERPROGROUP provides comprehensive technical training for oil and gas companies to assure a safe and productive workplace in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream value chain. Our technical training solutions are designed and delivered to assure that your employees have the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to deliver operational excellence.

Our broad range of solutions is delivered through in-classroom instruction, team planning sessions, personal/group competence assurance programs, and auditing processes. 

ENERPROGROUP provides a range of in-class petrotechnical training for oil & gas companies with training centers in:

  • Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

  • Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

We will be gladly pleased to forward you our training course booklet. Please send us a request.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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