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The energy sector has shifted from evolution to revolution in the last three years. The most capital-intensive and geo-political of all industries is facing its highest level of uncertainty for more than twenty years, and wrestling with how to deliver affordable, clean and secure energy to billions of people. The global balance of demand and supply, the competitiveness of renewable energy, the changing patterns of energy consumption and the disruptive powers of new technologies make for heady and high-stakes strategic moves in traditionally conservative management teams.

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For clients seeking creative collaborations to develop and commercialize their energy-related products and technology, we help structure and implement JVs and other strategic alliances. Additionally we can provide guidance on all stages of an energy project, from site identification, local permitting and site-specific environmental issues/compliances to the development and finance of a project to a sale of the energy and/or industrial project or, if required, financial restructuring, as well as related tax consequences.


We develop international projects and counsel our clients on their key strategic issues, leveraging our deep industry expertise and using analytical rigor to help them make informed decisions more quickly and solve their toughest and most critical business problems. Technologically progressive, culturally inclusive and community-spirited, we fuse an aggressive work ethic to careful and considered management consulting and engineering advices—and to traditional, personal client service. Our guiding objective is to cultivate client's organization for sustainable profitable growth, not only by meeting their business goals and project deadlines, but also by bringing our experience and energy to bear on their matters. 


ENERPROGROUP has a range of top level energy executives and seasoned engineers, many of whom have previously worked their way up the ranks in a globally integrated enterprises. When talent has been brought in, we’ve sought our expertise of the highest caliber.

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At ENERPROGROUP, we help energy companies understand the fundamental issues better and faster, so they can make major strategic and portfolio decisions more confidently and more quickly than rivals. We work with globally integrated energy companies to ensure they are efficient and focused operators of their chosen assets and businesses. And by striving for integrated excellence, ENERPROGROUP has become one of the most recognized leaders among the independent energy engineering and technology specialist with the focus of providing strategic advisory, development engineering services and project management to the global energy industry.

Our core focus is centered on transaction advisory for M&As (mergers & acquisitions) lifecycle advisory, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Improved Oil Recovery (IOR), integrated reservoir management, oilfield chemical solvents/surfactant additives, and business partnering for energy/industrial project development. We represent clients of all sizes - strategic acquirers, targets, investment bankers, leveraged buyout groups, equity investors, lenders and financial advisers in connection with M&A activities in the energy industry.



ENERPROGROUP Team has the unique combination of diverse subject matter expertise in the energy industry, valuable client service experience and proven successes.

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