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ENERPROGROUP serves clients within two energy industry verticals: Oil & Gas and Energy (Electric Power). We offer business development services and direct consulting to growing government contracting firms in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and SEA (South East Asian) countries. Because of our extensive network in North America, Southeast Asia and Indonesia we have been initiating and forging value-enhancing alliance/partnership opportunities and co-create insight on commercial opportunities before they are formally broadcasted.

We are nimble and unbureaucratic company so we can create value quickly. Our direct involvement in public and private energy contracting companies provides us with access to energy industry decision makers and the ability to bring energy best practices to clients' organizations. We have helped advise to potential buyers or investors on prolific asset/portfolio acquisitions. Additionally, our leaders and advisors have had experiences in key positions within the areas of technical advisory services around energy project development, M&A transactions in oil & gas industry, enterprise restructuring, raising capital, and forensic investigations. We also offer multi-situational capabilities including business/economic modelling, Public Private Partnerships, and infrastructure advisory & corporate finance due valuations.


In many ways, energy capital projects are complex with unpredictable challenges, and project complexity profiles can change throughout the project lifecycle. Many owners and contractors have adopted a stage gate process to manage and control large capital projects. Typically, they hypothesize that projects can achieve the desired objectives using a stage gate process. However, many of the traditional processes used to manage projects are often unable to identify, mitigate, or uncover the unforeseen factors that increase project risks and cause projects to underperform, get sidetracked, or go over budget. Both complicated and complex projects require more advanced project management capabilities in order to better forecast outcomes. Also, at some point during the lifecycle, either the degree of complication or the complexity of a project often requires intervention from outside the project team to improve results.


As an energy project integrator, ENERPROGROUP’s role is to work with you to help identify issues and develop a plan to help you fix what is not working by bringing you unbiased, actionable information—coupled with effective interventions—to help you, your people, and your project meet your goals. ENERPROGROUP can also assist in your efforts to continuously analyze your capital projects complexity profile across the lifecycle, to help reduce costs and improve performance.


ENERPROGROUP has developed and implemented interventions on many of the world’s largest and most challenging projects to improve project outcomes and reduce project costs. Our targeted interventions focus on enhancing collaboration between owners and contractors, including identifying and implementing improvements to engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, project controls, reporting, and discipline interfaces. The following table showcases some of impactful interventions that ENERPROGROUP has assisted clients with facilitating capital project success include: 




Anchored in Long Term Partnerships and High Levels of Integrity and Professionalism

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