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There’s no substitute for a strategic advisor who has the combination of in-depth knowledge of the oil & gas industry and M&A tactics and strategies. If you’re anticipating selling your asset/company or buying an oil & gas assets or business, our industry-focused M&A professionals can provide invaluable insights. We help clients achieve greater efficiencies, enhanced reliability, and improved margins by realizing the full technical and financial potential of their existing assets and new capital projects.


ENERPROGROUP is a strategic advisor to the global oil & gas industry. We are proud being the true hybrid of technical (Petroleum Engineering) and business performance consultants – the “clear” alternative to the traditional strategy boutiques and technology monoliths. The company serves corporations, institutions, and governments with offices in the United States of America and Indonesia. Independent advice, technical petroleum engineering excellence and intellectual rigour are hallmarks of ENERPROGROUP's commitment to client success across its M&A advisory services.

We provide thoughtful representation to our energy clients at every M&A Lifecycle that enables our clients to achieve their strategic and financial goals, including the realization of liquidity, the acquisition or divestiture of business assets, or the attainment of a key partner for strategic growth. We are highly proficient in creating markets for privately-held companies as a means to achieve shareholder designs based on value, strategic/cultural fit, liquidity or other transaction objectives.

Our mergers and acquisitions (M&As) practice focuses on two core offerings:

  • Our Sell-side M&A advisory services address a wide range of business succession and shareholder liquidity objectives. ENERPROCO understands the complexities involved in selling an asset or company, and works with clients to control the process and mitigate potential risk by providing sound strategy and valuation guidance based on comprehensive research and years of experience in M&A transactions.

  • For our Buy-side M&A support, our clients are public or private companies seeking guidance on valuation, structure and negotiating tactics to execute their acquisition initiatives. We represent corporations, sovereign-wealth funds, private equity firms and investors seeking to acquire oil & gas assets. 





On behalf of clients that have not yet identified an acquisition target, ENERPROGROUP will develop a comprehensive list of value-creative prospects comprised of companies or E&P properties/assets that are actively available as well as “Not for Sale” assets or companies that are acquired through strategic approaches by proactive buyers.

However in some cases, if a client has already identified an acquisition target or targets, ENERPROGROUP will approach and negotiate on our client’s behalf. Additionally, we provide valuation guidance based on industry multiples, quality of assets, pro forma EBITDA adjustments, earning and cash flow assessments. We also develop full operational metrics with key value driver analysis to assist in valuing and structuring the proposed transaction. Finally, we support the due diligence process as required to ensure it is thoroughly and efficiently managed.

  • Privately-held Enterprises (incl. Carved-Out E&P Assets) Sales and Divestitures.Our team cumulative experience spans over three decades, providing ENERPROGROUP with the most comprehensive experience in the oil & gas industry. We understand the issues that may arise in a divestiture/sales process and know how to overcome tough obstacles. We handle both privately-owned and private equity backed sale processes. We have a proven track record of advising on E&P property divestitures for both public and private clients. We pride ourselves on detailed due diligence and a focus on best positioning the company for a competitive process.

  • Transaction Advisory.  ENERPROGROUP leverages its combined advanced valuation and M&A expertise to provide negotiated transaction advisory services. On behalf of buy-side clients, our team performs valuation due diligence to assess the value of acquisition targets and formulate the valuation terms in letters of intent. In addition, we utilize our deep technical GGR (Geophysics, Geology and Reservoir) expertise and management consulting experience to develop tailored business and forecasting models for our clients.

We strive to build long-term relationships and are committed to partnering with our clients and providing the best advice on each engagement. We also understand the value of experience in reaching a successful transaction outcome and provide senior level involvement in each process, regardless of the transaction size. 


We apply a structured and field-tested approach to all M&A lifecycle engagements. ENERPROGROUP team will guide the clients through the intricacies of M&A lifecycle (per the following graph), from M&A strategy, screening and deal thesis, due diligence, transaction execution and integration.


We have proven experience helping potential buyers and sellers in:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As)

    1. M&A Strategy 

    2. Screening and Deal Thesis

    3. Due Diligence (and Valuation)

    4. Transaction Execution

    5. Integration

  • Business Valuation

    • Purchase Price Allocation​

    • Goodwill Impairment Test

    • E&P Asset/Properties Valuation

    • Executive Non-Compete Valuation

    • Fairness Opinion

    • Forensic and Litigation Support

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