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Our senior advisory positions include Partner, Principal and Associate Principal, many of whom are practice area leaders. Still client-­facing, our leaders are expected to mentor and manage engineers and project/consulting teams plus define our business strategy and technical excellence.

Because principals straddle the roles of senior managers, their responsibilities range from inspiring and guiding a team on a day­-to-­day basis to cultivating ENERPROGROUP relationship with senior clients. Principals do think like C-suites, and consistently bring innovative thinking, hybrid of technical and commercial insights to the table.

Mr. Ricko A. Wardhana, MSc - Geophysicist

  • As a seasoned geophysicist and quantitative interpreter with more than 15+ years of experience in prospect valuation, reservoir performance prediction, and field development strategy.
  • Broad understanding in technology, various interpretation application toolkits, and the implementation to analyze multi-facets data. Experience in both clastic and unconventional, onshore and offshore, exploration to exploitation, including tight gas and oil/gas shale reservoir play which has resulted in significant acreage capture, production, and reserve additions. 

  • MSc., Geophysics, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

  • BSc., Physics, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Yohan Kusumanegara, MSc - Geologist

  • As a seasoned Geologist with more than 22 years of experience with international companies (ARCO, TOTAL S.A. and HESS Corporation).

  • Expertise in New Ventures Exploration & Business Development, Regional Basin Analysis (structural and stratigraphy), Petroleum System, Risk-Resources Evaluation, Lead & Prospect Generation, Capture and prospect maturation, Well-planning and operation, Economic exploration, Appraisal and Development Plan, Strategic and technical negotiation exploration (liaison). Previous geographic worked area: Central and South America (Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Uruguay), North and West Africa (Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon, Angola), Middle East (Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, UEA, Red Sea), South-East Asia (Western and Eastern Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia), Australasia (North-west shelf; North Carnarvon, Browse, Bonaparte basins and PNG), Western Europe (North Sea, Paris Basin, Barent Sea), and Continental USA (Rocky Mountains, Denver basin, LA basin, Permian basin)

  • MSc., Petroleum Geology, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, U.S.A.

  • BSc., Geology, Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Mr. Ngurah Bagus Agung, M.S. - Geologist

  • >25 years of experience with CHEVRON (Indonesia, Research Center, North America, Angola Business Unit) and TGS NOPEC GEOPHYSICAL Houston, U.S.A.).

  • Extensive geological field experience, wellsite and operation geologist (advance well evaluation both LWD and wireline well logging, coring, cutting), well planning, real time geosteering horizontal well, reservoir management.

  • Multi years experienced for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in biggest water flooding fields Central Sumatera and Angola (from drilling to production monitoring).

  • Advanced wellsite geologist works (work with Drilling, Completion and Production, Reservoir and mud/well logging engineers).

  • Integrated and advanced interpretation of 2D/3D seismic, wells, geological and high resolution reservoir stratigraphy data and fault seal analysis for modeling input in the pattern water flood field - EOR.

  • Champion and prospect generator of new ideas and high-quality infill wells to recover bypassed oil in mature EOR fields (vertical, directional, and horizontal wells).

  • Advance salt tectonic interpreter in the area of shelf and deep Gulf of Mexico, shelf area Angola, Eastern Canada.

  • High proficiency and broad understanding technology in earth science interpretation software including Landmark (Seisworks, Stratworks, Zmap), Paradigm (3D canvas, StratEarth, Basemap), Petrel, Geolog, DUG and Prima

  • M.S., Geology, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia.

  • BSc., Geology, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia.

Mr. Untung Ashari - Geologist

  • Petroleum Geoscientist with over 31+ years of international experiences in oil and gas exploration at supermajor and major Exploration and Production companies (Pertamina Hulu Mahakam/PTTEP/TOTAL), Well-rounded geologist with wide experiences in subsurface studies and operation on various sedimentary basins and geological environment. A dynamic geoscientist with managerial experiences who is able to utilize technical knowledges, creativity and innovation to convert hydrocarbon resources into reserves with efficient development strategy and cost effective well planning.

  • Effective communicator with ability to do multi-task job that convey to generate portfolio across the E&P value chains, focus on value creation and major achievement. Successfully delivered studies and executed more than 20 POD (plan of field developments) of onshore and offshore oil-gas fields with high standard of corporate and industrial regulation.

  • 10 Years as Sub Surface Manager (2018-2021 at Pertamina Hulu Mahakam and 2012-2017 at Total EP Indonesie,) responsible for development plan and reservoir management of multiple offshore field: Sisi Nubi & South Mahakam (2012-2015), Peciko & Bekapai (2016-2021).

  • Has strong technical background in Subsurface studies in particularly development geology, reserves evaluation, 3D geological modeling (specialist), clastic sedimentology, operation geology and petrophysics.

  • Geosciences Manager of Peciko & Bekapai Asset, Geosciences Manager for Sisi Nubi & South Mahakam Asset, Senior Geologist for Bongkot Field at Total EP Thailand (seconded at PTTEP), G & G manager for PECIKO and BEKAPAI Fields (Indonesia).

  • Geological synthesis and modeling: Ton Nok Yoong structure of Bongkot (Thailand), Surmont Field (heavy oil - Canada), Nkossa Field (Congo), TUNU Field, Sisi Nubi, South Mahakam, Peciko Field, Bekapai Field (Indonesia), data Room & Evaluation of Ichtys field in North West Austalia, evaluate few exploration prospect in the Mahakam Area, Indonesia, etc.

  • Good knowledge and capability in computer skills with large experiences in using various softwares such as: Petrel, CPS-3, IESX, charisma (Geoquest), stratwork, z-map, seisworks Landmark), Geolog6 (Paradigm), etc.

  • M.S., Geology, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia.

  • BSc., Geology, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia.

Mr. Todd Li, P. Geol​ - Geologist/Geomodeller

  • Dynamic and highly experienced geological services professional with proven 20+ years’ experience in the Oil & Gas industry for geological evaluation and mapping, creating geological models (30+ projects) for reservoir simulation to forecast various hydrocarbon recovery scenarios while estimating hydrocarbon volume in place, and supporting well pads plan.

  • Prior corporate experiences with Devon Energy (Canada) and Baker Hughes (Canada) and Sinopec (China). 

  • Over 5+ years as a Petrophysicist determining the hydrocarbon production capacity, lithology and fluid saturation of a reservoir. 

  • Recently worked on various projects from oil sands geological modelling to maximizing SAGD production and resource recovery in Jackfish, Alberta. Jackfish ramped up to its current 100,000bbl/d. Expertise includes geological evaluation and mapping, 3D geological modelling, petrophysical study, over 10 years’ experience in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB), support reservoir simulation and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

  • The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA), License 117967. 

  • BSc., Geophysical Exploration, Xi'an University of Geology, Xi'an, P.R. China

Mr. Suryo Yudono​ - Principal Petroleum Engineer

  • Over 20+ years of experience in Waterflood and EOR implementations.

  • Strong skill and proven expertise in EOR screening (Inventor of US patent application 8,175,751).

  • Experienced in Chemical EOR pilot design and execution in Minas Field (Surfactant and Polymer field trial).

  • Strong experience in optimization of mature field development and optimization (e.g. infill, well optimization, injection and production alignment, and etc.).

  • Strong skill in Reservoir Management surveillance, analysis and optimization for both primary and secondary field (author of Chevron Global standard Surveillance and analysis).

  • Experienced in managing various IOR/EOR technical studies (e.g. Core flood, geomechanical, Injectivity, pulse test, and etc.)

  • Prepare Materials review and validation and provide recommendation.

  • BSc., Geology, UPN Veteran, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Agustinus Yudho Wirajati - Stimulation Engineering

  • 18+ years of extensive stimulation and production optimization at Cairn India Limited and Schlumberger (Saudi Arabia; Russia; U.S.A.; Indonesia; Algeria; and China). 

  • Strong experiences as a frac design advisor and senior training instructor to provide technical advice and operational support for stimulation in medium to tight oil and gas reservoir.

  • Proficient in developing stimulation business market for following:

    • Multistage acid fracturing and propant fracturing;

    • Unconventional fracturing;

    • Mangrove stimulation candidate review and design optimization workflow;

    • Hydraulic fracture mapping with microseismic; 

    • All new commercialized technology. 

  • BSc., Chemical Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Ronny Adriansyah - Principal Production Engineer

  • Over 21+ years of international experiences at Chevron Corporation (Indonesia, U.S.A, and Kuwait) in respect to the reservoir engineering projects.

  • Led an managed complex projects and performed multiple economic and risk analyses for major capital projects ($600+ Mn USD).

  • Optimized performance of Waterflood, Steamflood and CO2 Flood in Conventional and Unconventional reservoirs.

  • Constructed integrated Full Cycle Development Plan for Duri field (Rokan PSC), the world's largest steamflood project).

  • Provide leadership in petroleum production and reservoir engineering services.

  • BSc., Chemical Engineering, Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Mr. Dedek Abadi Mawas Diri - Principal Production Engineer

  • Has over 22 years of petroleum engineering experience from difference multinational oil company (Sonatrach Algeria, Qatar Petroleum, Petroleum Development of Oman and Chevron Indonesia) handling Well Integrity Management, including the area of Operation, Engineering, Evaluation and Mitigation, Corrosion Management System for Well Integrity, Well Integrity Management from Construction, Production/Injection until Abandonment and Corrosion and leak detection logging interpretation.

  • BSc., Petroleum Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

  • MSc., Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia.


Mr. Samsoedin Nasoetion​, M.S., MBA - Reservoir Engineering

  • 20+ years of reservoir engineering and EOR practical experiences with specific expertise in performing reservoir/simulation studies for oilfield projects optimization and development on primary, secondary (waterflood) and tertiary (EOR CO2 injection) operations.

  • Broad international expertise include reservoir characterization, simulation modelling, production-injection historical and surveillance, material balance, SCAL, PTA and PVT analysis. 

  • Previous professional experiences with OXY (U.S.A.), OXY (Qatar), OXY (Abu Dhabi), and Chevron/Unacol/Caltex (Indonesia).

  • MBA, Business Management and Finance, University of Houston at Victoria, Houston, TX, U.S.A.

  • M.S., Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, U.S.A.

  • BSc., Petroleum Engineering, Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Muhammad Fauzi - Principal Geophysics

  • A seasoned Principal Geophysicist with 25+ years of global experiences of proven solid experience in oil & gas industry. Received several awards from company as result of invention/innovation, major accomplishment, and mentoring others. Expose expertise by delivering technical papers to local & international forums. Experienced working in various basins with several areas of G&G study such as 2D/3D/4D seismic analysis, seismic guided reservoir characterization, velocity cube modeling and geo-statistical modeling. Involved on various life of field stage projects; exploration, primary development and EOR field. Both working experience in oil company and consultant services make a unique characteristic that can adapt the dynamic challenges in the industry.

  • BSc., Geophysics, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Sadono, MBA - Surface Facilities/Plants Engineering

  • Over 28+ years of international experiences in facilities/plant developments including the pre-feasibility evaluation, feasibility study and design of surface facilities, from conception through execution for various upstream surface facilities.

  • Provide managerial leadership in Coordinating the development of a flow station, crude oil storage facility, gas sweetening facilities, electrical generation plants, and supervisory control and data acquisition for conventional oilfields.

  • Manage the comprehensive assessment of future expansion oil & gas plants that minimize impact of debottlenecking in equipment, fluid line and pipe line associated to future production. 

  • Develop and implement a project work cycle and associated procedures for engineering design, capital engineering and construction projects.

  • Recommend improvements and remediation whenever indicated upon conceptualizing site facilities’ engineering and construction. 

  • MBA, Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

  • BSc., Electrical Engineering, Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Lukas Wihardjo - Petrophysics

  • Over 25+ years of professional experience in the global upstream oil and gas industry:

    • With ENERPROCO: starting Sep 2019 to Present: Principal Petrophysicist. As Petrophysics Technical Authority, I have been participating in peer reviews, project assists, and formal project reviews with the objective of ensuring projects are properly assured in advance of key decision gates.

    • With OilServ: 3 years active & 2 years distance support (Mar 2014 - Mar 2019) as Petrophysics Advisor & Manager;

    • With Schlumberger: 1.5 yrs Field Engineer, 18 yrs Petrophysics (Log Data Processor up to Principal Petrophysicist both OH & CH); and

    • With Trisakti University - Petroleum Engineering Dept.: 3.5 years university lecturer (Basic & Advanced Formation Evaluation and Production Logging).

  • BSc, Electronics Engineering, Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Mr. Jatmiko Murti, MSc - Geophysics/Geoscientist

  • Over 20+ years as a Geoscientist with Geophysics background, at multinational oil & gas companies.

  • Highly experienced in both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs, in development and exploration team.

  • Practical experiences in building relationships with various level of governments and upstream regulator.

  • Started my formative career with Chevron in 3D land seismic data acquisition and processing in 1998-1999. 

    • Following two years assignment in Technical Team to assist Development Team to optimize oil production by identify by-pass oil in DSF (Duri Steam flood).

    • In 2000 – 2005, I was assigned to Duri Asset Management (Development) Team for heavy oil production optimization with 4D seismic interpretations and Bangko Development Team (Sumatera Light Oil) for the first Batang EOR project. Along this period, I have proposed three horizontal wells based on the geological model. I have opportunity to be a project manager for 3D seismic data acquisition, build dynamic steam distribution model and cross functional teamwork to determine the best EOR strategy for Batang field.

    • Communicate with regulator for seismic/geophysical and well programs

  • MSc, Petroleum Asset Management, Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

  • BSc., Geophysics, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Suryadi Wibowo, MSc - Geomodeller

  • More than 17+ years of experience in Petroleum Industry as Senior Development/Reservoir Geologist.

  • High level of competency in reservoir characterization study and 3D reservoir modelling.

  • With experience in Petrophysics and Reservoir characterization, I have developed the skills to provide effective solutions to achieve operational goals. As a highly versatile individual, I offer a lead-by-example approach and meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

  • Excellent analysis and inter-personal skills combined with a strong background in geology are the keys to my success.

  • Balanced knowledge of various type of reservoirs, e.g. carbonate, siliciclastic, and naturally fractured reservoirs.

  • Practical hands-on experiences in reservoir and field development ranging from appraisal, field development to by-passed reserves identification in brownfield, from primary to recovery to enhanced oil recovery.

  • In depth knowledge and high skill of reservoir volumetric calculation, uncertainty evaluation and management. Skilled and experienced in well planning and operation geology. Deep knowledge of petrophysics, seismic interpretation, production and reservoir engineering

  • MSc., Geological Engineering, Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

  • BSc., Geological Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Tony Wang, MSc, P.Geol - Geoscientist/Geophysics

  • A Geoscientist with over 20 years of petroleum industry experience in exploration, development, reserve estimation and resource evaluation.

  • Experienced in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, steam assisted gravity drainage, heavy oil, tight oil, tight gas in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and basins around the world, including China, Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, Indonesia, Albanian, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, and United States.

  • Expert user of Petrel, Petra, HDS Petrophysics, Techlog, Accumap, Arcmap and Microsoft Office.

  • Experienced in sequence stratigraphic formation correlation, petrophysics interpretation, log and core analysis.

  • Expertise in reservoir characterization and description, reserve estimation and resource evaluation.

  • Geological modeling with large multi-disciplinary data sets, and experienced to support numerical reservoir simulation studies.

  • Abundant experiences in mature field development planning and EOR studies.

  • MSc., Geology, China Unviersity of Geosciences Beijing,, Beijing, China

  • BSc., Geology, Jianghan Petroleum University, China.

Mr. Suherman - Geophysics (Seismic Data Processing)

  • Over 23+ years of industry and consulting processing geophysics experience.

  • Recognized as a technical expert in seismic data processing, rock physics, and seismic inversion;

  • Expert at providing seismic data processing QC and QI geophysics services to Enerproco’s project teams

  • Closely interact with the exploration project teams. Understand project teams’ needs and challenges. Customize seismic data processing and QI geophysics workflows that optimize the use of available data and time;

  • Maintain high technical standards at every step-in geophysics. Perform rigorous QC on all intermediate and final products;

  • Communicate well with Enerproco’s Project Team Members, fellow team members of the clients, and project co-management stakeholders;

  • Hands-on ability to carry out seismic data processing, rock physics, and seismic inversion using commercial software such as OpenCPS, RokDoc, and Hampson-Russell Strata

  • BSc., Geophysics, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Richard Roe - Project Manager and Principal LNG Project Engineer

  • Over 40+ years of experience in both domestic and international (multi-cultural) environments primarily related to the energy industries; Oil & Gas (Onshore & Offshore), LNG, Petroleum & Petrochemical Processes, Mid-Stream including pipelines, compressor/pump/metering stations, storage facilities, Power (gas and coal fired), LNG, LPG, Natural Gas Liquids Recovery working both for End Users and EPCs

  • Expertise in the LNG project development, FEED management, Detail Design project/engineering and cost control management, supervision of contractors and subcontractors, monitoring and closeout of contracts and subcontracts, scheduling, cost estimating, and all engineering & financial aspects associated with project and engineering management.  Familiar with all aspects of plant revamp work and associated integration during emergency and planned shutdown situations. as a technical expert in seismic data processing, rock physics, and seismic inversion;

  • BEng., Physics, Tulsa University, OK, U.S.A.

Mr. Tom Barrett - Project Manager and Principal LNG Project Engineer and Contracting Strategy

  • Over 40-years of engineering, project management and construction experience involving the design, installation and commissioning of process equipment (ISBL), support systems (OSBL) and of piping (ISBL & OSBL). Processes include: Refining, Petrochemicals & chemicals including: Crude Oils, Condensates & Distillates, Natural Gas, Carbon & Sulfur Dioxides, LNG Refrigerants (Propane, Ethylene, Methane & Mixed Refrigerants), Cumene, Ethylene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Benzene, Toluene, Ortho & Paraxylene, Tetrahydrofuran, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Methanol, Ethanol, Adiponitrile, Acrylonitrile, Ammonia, Hypalon, Formaldehyde, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Fluorosulfonic Acid, Numerous Agricultural Chemicals, Formaldehyde, Diamines, Polyols, Phosgene, Glycols, Polyethers, Bisphenols, Di-isocyanates, Polyurethanes, Poly-isocyanates & Polycarbonates and their feedstocks.

  • Expertise in the LNG extensive experience (20-years) in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Development and Installation. Experience includes: UPSTREAM – drilling for and the recovery of oil & gas both onshore and offshore (shallow and deep-water developments); MIDSTREAM – gathering (flowlines), separation and storage, transport (pipelines), gas treating (sweeting, drying and contaminant removal - Terminals), LNG and NGL gas liquids separation & liquefaction; and DOWNSTREAM – refining, petrochemicals and chemicals processing and manufacturing. LNG experience includes Phillips Optimized Cascade Process, Mixed Refrigerant (Linde, Air Liquide, Air products, Shell (DMR, etc.). ;

  • BSc, Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA, U.S.A.

  • MSc, Chemical Engineering, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX, U.S.A.

Mr. Fred W. Pasch, PE - Principal Engineer, LNG Process Engineering and Technology

  • More than Thirty-Five years of experience in LNG/chemical plant process design and operations. Experience includes supervision, both operations and office design with good working knowledge of the engineering codes and recommended practices. Strengths include gas treating, fractionation, refrigeration, overpressure protection analysis, utilities, and performance testing.

  • Responsible for the coordination of the Process Design, Verification of the FEED Package, Gas Treating, Dehydration, NGL Extraction, LNG Liquefaction and Refrigeration, LNG Storage, Loading Terminal, Off-sites and Utilities Complex.

  • BEng., Chemical Engineering, San Jose State University, CA, U.S.A.

Mr. Greg Proctor - Principal Consultant, LNG Project Control and Project Management

  • Over twenty-five years of industry and consulting experience and employment history in Project Controls Management, including extensive experience in establishing project controls best practices and implementation of project and program office environments, methodology, framework, policies, procedures, and integrated control EVM processes at Cheniere Energy Sabine Pass LNG Terminal, 

  • BSc, Business Management, Phoenix University, AZ, U.S.A.

Mr. Robert Marshall - Principal Engineer, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

  • Over Thirty years Electrical/Instrumentation experience in Offshore, Onshore, Petrochemical, Power Generation, LNG and Natural Gas Processing Plants. Positions have included that of Commissioning Manager, Project Manager, Lead Electrical Engineer CSU, Lead Electrical Field Engineer, Lead Electrical and Instrumentation Designer, Integration Manager, E & C Manager, Interface Coordination, Hook-Up & Commissioning and Project Controls at Cheniere Energy, Williams Company, Bechtel, Fluor, SBM Atlanta and Worley Parsons USA..

  • BSc, Engineering, Texas State Technical College, TX, U.S.A.

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