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ENERPROGROUP created a vibrant marketplace for petro-trading specifically in Indonesia. We are a new global trading house, but we have traditional values that go back to the roots of petro-trading. They encompass the very best of what the industry was built upon. Put simply, our customers come first. Whatever your challenge, we know we can solve it.

ENERPROGROUP's Petro-Trading is made up of specialized traders with real experience. They’ve worked in the industry for years, and know it inside, out. We have extensive contacts within every link of the product supply chain. We’re proud of, and value the relationships that we have built over many years of trading, brokering and negotiating. They are founded on trust and maintained by always delivering on what we promise:

  • A professional team of international oil traders

  • An experienced commercial team to handle best financial solutions

  • A skilled team to execute logistics and operations

As an international Petro-trader specializing in prime quality petroleum-based products to the Republic of Indonesia, ENERPROGROUP provides a central hub for the efficient movement of petroleum products to market. The company operates stringent quality controls at each & every stage of our supply chain to ensure the products & services we offer our customers comply with all relevant national and international regulations & legislation.​ Our safeguards and procedures provide a secure yet dynamic framework aimed at minimizing our environmental footprint, whilst upholding our operational integrity and prioritizing the health & safety of our employees.


ENERPROGROUP imports, exports and trades refined petroleum products in large quantities, making us one of Indonesia's major petroleum supply resources. ENERPROGROUP's activities help ensure that the marketplace has reliable anc consistent supplies of petroluem-based products such as:




Crude Oil is a colloquial term commonly used to describe unrefined Petroleum. It is a naturally occuring fossil fuel, which once distilled, accounts for more than 45% of the global commercial & industrial energy supply each year.

ENERPROGROUP has a proven track record of supplying & marketing Crude Oil across continents.


Though we source feedstock from all over the World, our oil trading business is primarily bolstered by strategic alliances with producers and national oil companies in South America, U.S.A., MENA (Middle East & North Africa), West Africa, and Russia.



Bitumen is a product of Crude oil Distillation. It is a semi-solid hydrocarbon product produced by removing the lighter fractions (such as liquid petroleum gas, petrol and diesel) from heavy crude oil during the refining process. As such, it is correctly known as refined bitumen.


Starting in mid 2017, ENERPROGROUP emerges as one of the South East Asia's premier Bitumen (in bulk and drummed) distributors. Our range of Bitumen offerings includes:

  • Penetration Grade 60/70;

  • Penetration Grade 80/100​.




ENERPROGROUP strives to meet consumer demand across a wide network across the world.

Populations in every part of the world require fuel. We are the company that has the vision and the ambition to deliver it to them, not only to generate revenue, but to provide the economic viability that oil & energy enable.

Our petroleum products marketing, supply and trading operations oversee the export and import of petroleum products and is an emerging supplier of petroleum products to Indonesia in terms of product volumes. 

Our petroleum products marketing, supply and trading procures and supply a broad range of refined petroleum products. The products include Jet A1, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Automotive Gasoline Oil (Diesel), Low/High Pour Fuel Oil, Naphtha, Base Oil and 100% vacuum bottle Bitumen.

To ensure efficiency of our operations, quality and price competitiveness of our products, we have created several joint ventures with international oil companies such as Shell, Chevron, and Pertamina, reputable international blenders, international trading companies and refinery owners from MENA (middle East and North Africa) to North America to Asia Pacific countries. 


Besides specializing in the US-bound LNG Cargoes (to Japan, China, Korea and Indonesia), ENERPROGROUP supply our imported petroleum products via a chartered fleet of tanker trucks with a variety of fuels, including:

  • Automotive Gas Oil/Diesel;

  • Aviation Fuel;

  • Fuel Oil;

  • Kerosene;

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas;

  • Lubricating Fluids;

  • Premium Motor Spirit.


ENERPROGROUP is known for significant price and supply advantages made possible by our operational efficiency and strategic alliances. Our long-established marketing platform is the basis for expansion plans that include a wider network of an expanded tanker truck fleet.


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