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Build. Grow. Change.


​ ENERPROGROUP is an enhanced oil & energy production technology and integrated chemicals’ blending & services company.


In international oil & gas sector, we offer strategic approach development for onshore and offshore oil & gas fields around the world (from exploration to appraisal to production to restoration), advanced sub-surface/fracture diagnostics, LNG Engineering Services, M&A Advisory (including direct investment participation in upstream oil  & gas), Integrated Reservoir Management and managed oilfield services for the Improved-/Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR) project design and implementation.

For Southeast Asian energy industry, we develop and execute energy & industrial projects by focusing on the Shareholder Value Management.


We're out there!  Developing value-accretive projects worldwide and delivering them responsibly.


Through ENERPROGROUP's subsidiary, we have invested in an International Joint Venture Company - BADAK CHIYODA ENERPROCO LLC to provide LNG Plant EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), Management of Commissioning and Startup Services, Sourcing and Contractor Management Solutions to LNG megaprojects in North America.

ENERPROGROUP has a number of projects currently as WIP and under development in various stage-gates from oil & gas secondary recovery to Enhanced Oil Recovery, M&A Transaction Services, Combined-Cycle Gas-fired Power Plants to Energy Renewables.


ENERPROGROUP has been collaborating with clients of all sizes. We are sharing synergies for sustainable profitable growth, cost and operating efficiency improvements.


We share our clients' ambitions. We develop and execute various energy/projects from countries in South East Asia to Middle East & North Africa and The Americas.


Our portfolio of current clients include large oil & energy companies engaged on upstream, midstream and downstream activities, pseudo-type State-Owned Enterprises, Investor-owned Utilities, Municipally-owned Utilities, service companies, technology providers, ultra-high net worth individuals, asset managers, private equity and Sovereign Wealth Funds.

What Makes Us Different

At ENERPROGROUP (ENERPRO is an abbreviation of Enhanced Energy Production), our vision and core values set the foundation for our thriving organization, guide business conducts and steer the strategic path for our future. Our vision is “to be the world’s most trusted enhanced energy production technology leader in the lens of our clients, shareholders and most importantly, our empowered human capital.” 


We serve as a catalyst of change and are guided by our eight core values - Passion for Client, Fairness & Integrity, Respect & Trust, Excellence, Partnership, Collaboration, Entrepreneurial and Innovation. We continue to achieve our business objectives by being safe, agile and professional to continuously strive to meet all of our stakeholders’ expectations. 

Over the years, ENERPROGROUP is known as one of the world's premier energy engineering and technology specialists focusing on the proprietary EOR technologies, strategic advisory, development engineering services and project management. We are comprised of seasoned oil & energy professionals and petroleum engineers who specialize in identifying inefficiencies, enhancing energy production and performance, unlocking value in mature oilfield and restoring performance and by doing so, we deliver creative and actionable solutions to our clients' bottom lines. Our singular competitive advantage is pivoted on the "Glocally Entrepreneurial" - that is by being globally nimble and locally agile within the Oil & Gas and Energy/Infrastructure industries and with strong commercial expertise combined, we focus on value creation for all parties. We advise and support energy companies that are leaders in their industries – including the oil & gas majors, independent oil companies and national oil companies, sovereign wealth funds, private equity firms and emerging entrepreneurial businesses. We thrive on our ability to make a difference in high-impact situations and deliver sustainable, bottom-line results.


Serving in a range of strategic advisory (corporate and technical), development engineering services and project management, we focus on solving our clients’ most challenging business issues with a cross-disciplinary approach that encompasses everything from EOR-Enhanced Oil Recovery/IOR-Improved Oil Recovery Technologies (Chemical EOR, CO2-EOR, Thermal EOR, Microbial EOR, Low Salinity IOR) and Integrated Reservoir Management, Energy/Industrial Project development and cross-border M&A Transactions Services, Enterprise Improvement and Financial Advisory services to organizational effectiveness, and turnaround & restructuring. Often working in small (to mid-size) teams, our “get it done” and "ownership mentality"mindsets and specialized enhanced energy engineering expertise enable us to serve a wide range of either oil & gas and/or energy businesses and industries, whether they are healthy, challenged, or distressed. ENERPROGROUP helps business leaders consistently make better decisions, deliver improved business performance and create greater shareholder returns.

ENERPROGROUP's four (4) strategic priorities and three (3) tactical approaches that are anchored on our optimistic, “get it done” and "ownership mentality" cultures in the face of high-impact situations is part of our DNA, with our company’s roots in the value-creation business model. In a world where every business decision really matters, three (3) key differentiators set us apart in the industry:

  • Strong Winning Culture - Our professionals thrive on achieving excellence by overcoming roadblocks, solving complex problems, and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

  • (Economics of) Speed to Results - We deliver measurable results, not just reports, and focus on making immediate and sustainable differences in the clients' bottom line.

  • Performance over Promises - We measure our performance by the only yardstick that matters, i.e.: our clients’ repeatable successes.


Our project leaders, engineers and management consultants deliver world-class and rigorous analysis, deep knowledge of their industries, and pragmatic solutions to produce practical, high-impact results. We have been involved in and successfully executed a number of M&A engagements, EOR/IOR/Integrated Reservoir Management projects and engineering-related energy project developments in The Americas, Europe, Arab States of the Persian Gulf, and Asia Pacific regions. We seek to foster human achievement through executional excellence, innovation and collaboration.


Our clients benefit from our collaborative business model as it nurtures the development of technical petroleum and market leading expertise across their core industries. Our technical petroleum professionals and management consultants develop business advantage for our clients based on profound understanding of the energy industries in which they operate. 


We aim to set oil & gas industry standards, benefit local communities and make a significant contribution throughout the developed and developing world.

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